Amplifying Neurodiverse Voices with NAC

At TKU, student voices shape the future. That’s why the Neurodiverse Advisory Council (NAC) is at the heart of our program development.

This student council meets monthly to amplify neurodiverse voices and experiences. They brainstorm strategies for self-advocacy, learn from guest speakers, and reflect on their own journeys. Most importantly, they provide direct input into TKU’s program planning.

Through NAC, neurodiverse students advocate for their needs and contribute directly to the programs they benefit from. This ensures TKU’s offerings are inclusive, relevant, and empowering for all.

Inclusion and Impact

The program was implemented to honor the disability mantra “Nothing about us without us”. Members contribute to the experiences they have through TKU when they share their thoughts, feedback, and suggestions in NAC. 

TKU’s education team consolidates NAC’s reflections and implements changes in programming accordingly. Some programs that have been designed through NAC’s contributions include 3D Modeling, Cybersecurity, a Digital Empowerment session on NFTs, and many more! 

Developing self-advocacy and leadership skills is a key objective of the program. Since its inception, NAC has developed its dedicated page on the Tech Kids Unlimited website:

Elevating Neurodiverse Voices

In October 2023, two NAC members joined TKU staff in presenting at the Media Arts Ed Symposium at Film at Lincoln Center. The NAC members shared their experience in the council and highlighted the importance of not just sharing their voices, but actually having their voices heard. 

In the spirit of uplifting and amplifying neurodiverse voices, the community has been joined by special guest speakers, including Kingsborough Community College’s Assistive Technology specialist and Autistic Self-Advocate, Benjamin Hanon, TKU students who run a neurodiversity advocacy YouTube channel & website, and Shira Mechanic, Occupational Therapist and Autistic Self-Advocate. 

Join the CouncilThe community of advisors is 12 members strong, and is open to any TKU students who are interested in advocacy and advisement! To inquire about joining, email us at or

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