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Partnerships –  TKU in Your Community

TKU offers in-school and afterschool multi-session workshops and school residency programs that equip students with transferable skills. Programs cover topics such as coding, game design, interactive art, video editing, animation, and photo editing.  Each in-school program is customized to meet the specific needs of the school and its community. TKU is an approved vendor by the New York City Department of Education.

Professional Development – The TKU Model 

TKU offers hands-on training in engaging with neurodiverse youth in technical programming such as computer science, creative technology, digital media, and work-based learning skills. TKU facilitators are experts in universal design for learning, project-based learning, and the social-emotional learning model and can provide educators with best practices for an inclusive learning environment. 

Customizing Programs – Learn From TKU

TKU can work with your organization to design programming that ensures all participants are engaged in activities and experiences. Previous collaborations include Brooklyn Autism Center, NeON Arts/Department of Probation, Project REACH at CUNY, and JCC Manhattan.  

Tech Kids Unlimited (TKU) teaches tech skills to neurodiverse* students using a social-emotional learning model. TKU is a 10-year-old nonprofit education organization offering a variety of programs that range from fun introductory tech workshops to career-readiness learning programs. 

*autism spectrum, ADHD, and language-based learning challenges along with sensory integration and auditory struggles. 

For more information contact us at info@techkidsunlimited.org 

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