Charting Your Path: Discover the TKU Career Ladder

At TKU, technology sparks potential. We empower neurodiverse youth and young adults to ignite their curiosity and build tech confidence through our Career Ladder programs.

Imagine a future where you’re fueled by passion, supported by community, and equipped with the tech skills to reach your full potential. That’s what TKU is all about.

Start Your Climb

  • Tech Workshops: Sunday, after-school, and summer weekly workshops offer foundational skills and exploration of tech topics.
  • Creative Tech Internship: Dive deeper with a year-long program focused on real-world project development. The program meets on Fridays during the academic year. 

Next Level Opportunities

  • College Access Program: Get support navigating questions about college in a supportive environment.
  • Digital Agency: Collaborate with peers on real client projects, building teamwork and professional experience.
  • Level Up Tech Packages: Sharpen your skills in specific tech fields through focused workshops.

Reach New Heights

  • Career Readiness Internship Summer Program: Gain valuable on-the-job experience through external summer internships.

Stay Connected

  • Alumni Network: Be part of the TKU community, sharing resources and support.

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