MUD Foundation Teams Up with Tech Kids Unlimited for Innovative VR/XR Project

Exploring Heaven, Hell, and Everything In Between 

Virtual reality picture made by a TKU student. Picture features blue sky and mountains that look like waves.
Screenshot of a body of water in the Heavenscape created by TKU Digital Agency members in MUD’s XR/VR platform with guidance and support from TKU staff.

NEW YORK CITY/ MIAMI – April 4, 2024 – Tech Kids Unlimited, a New York City-based nonprofit educational organization, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with MUD Foundation, an innovative nonprofit organization dedicated to the exploration of art, technology, and education. Together, they are embarking on a digital project that aims to redefine perceptions of accessibility, neurodiversity, and creativity in virtual reality and extended reality (VR/XR).

With a shared commitment to fostering inclusivity and innovation, MUD Foundation and Tech Kids Unlimited are leveraging their respective expertise to create a VR/XR world that explores the vast spectrum of artistic expression, all through a neurodiverse lens. This ambitious project aims to highlight and provide a platform for neurodiverse creativity.

The collaborative effort between MUD Foundation and Tech Kids Unlimited is facilitated through the Digital Agency (DA), a work-readiness program in TKU’s Career Ladder programs. The Digital Agency provides a real-workplace experience for young individuals who learn differently, empowering them to apply their tech skills to create digital products for real clients and collaborators to use in the. 

TKU’s Work-Based Learning Specialist, Halenur Komsul reflected: “TKU is thrilled to be able to offer our students an opportunity to engage with new and emerging technologies in such a hands-on and immersive way. To be a part of the world building process of a digital space in which their art will be displayed is a huge accomplishment, and we’re so grateful for our partnership with the MUD Foundation for making this possible.” 

“Partnering with Tech Kids Unlimited amplifies our commitment to leveraging technology for accessible, innovative art and education. This collaboration underscores our shared vision for a boundaryless creative and educational landscape. We are thrilled to see these community partnership outcomes through the XR projects the students will create!,” said Rodolfo Peraza, Founder of MUD Foundation. 

Virtual reality illustration made by TKU student. Picture features volcanos with lava on the ground and two monsters.
The screenshot captures the scope of the Hell inspired environment that DA members proposed to showcase their student work through.

About Tech Kids Unlimited Tech Kids Unlimited inspires students with disabilities to create and share technology in a supportive, individualized environment. By addressing gaps in accessible educational experiences with technology, TKU is actively working to change the paradigm for education and employment for neurodiverse students. 

About MUD Foundation MUD Foundation is dedicated to advancing the connections of art, technology, and education with extended realities (VR and AR), aiming to revolutionize access, creation, and learning. Our initiative, the MUD Verse XR platform, marks a strategic step towards an immersive, interactive future, using the internet as an immersive space.

For more information about MUD Foundation, visit To learn more about Tech Kids Unlimited and the Digital Agency, visit and 

Halenur Komsul
Work-Based Learning Specialist

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